The Art of Coffee Painting

Yoda, Return of the Jedi, Starwars, Coffee Painting.

“Work until your idols become your rivals.”


When people ask me what I do, I generally answer, I’m a photographer, writer, visual artist, I paint angels, I teach creativity workshops and now, a coffee artist.

The last one interests them.

For so many years past, I been trying to re-invent and recover the creative child in me, by the simple, systematic approach of trialing and keen observation, a workable connection with the stream of fine systematic direction in addition with hardwork easily established my being back to the horse – my own powerful journey and manifest an immediate dedication to do something further creative.

Christopher Reeve, Superman, Coffee Art Painting

Every so often we like to make-believe it is hard to follow our heart’s dreams. But the truth is, it is difficult to avoid walking through many doors of wants and desires that normally blur the lines of creative hardwork that we believe can lead us to our dreams, we then fall, exhausted and easily blocked.

I do believe we are unrestricted to our own possibility and probability that you can learn to create more with your dreams freely through your passion and use of the tools that the generous world provides. Turn aside your dream and it will come back again to you again. Get the willingness to follow it again and a synchronous doors flying back open.

Seeing, after all, is believing.

Hugh Jackman, Logan, Coffee Art Painting

Last night, a new door swings open. It’s an appreciation of my hardwork and creative play of being a turned now coffee artist. And I consider, that sharing a personal note is barely uncomfortable but I’m sharing this one not for anything else but to go on inspiring not only who knows my hard works but to the learners who continue to look upon my victorious doors.

It’s true that the only way to do great work (and most probably to be accepted) is to love what you do. l love being a creative coffee artist and I know it’s a new door to get back to the horse and never stop doing my best even without or just because someone doesn’t gives a credit.

Have a Creative day and Blessed be.

And There Was Life.

© R E N S • T U Z O N, 2017


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