Bohemian Coffee Pop Is All About


Bohemian Coffee Pop is all about the Art of Coffee Painting featuring popular cultures, icons, legendaries and everything coffee can do not just for a break but for a wonderful creations of one’s creative and unique mind, not just for a drink but more than a coffee creativity.

“The Art of Coffee Painting is not just a branded coffee, expensive brushes or exclusive paper, it’s the process that really counts up and the devoted observation of the valued changes between the reaction of the medium and the progression of the moment in addition to the dedicated persistence of every passion commixed.” – Bohemian Coffee Pop


Currently, Coffee Painting is an easy, fun, and affordable art form which anyone can do as a creative outlet. This art form can be done as a single project or even a group art workshop activity.

Here are some guides to making your own
coffee painting from start to finish:
1. Prepare Your Materials
All you need are watercolor paper, paintbrush, coffee, and water. Choose a watercolor paper which is 300-400 gsm. I’ve worked with an 200 gsm Canson watercolor paper. As for paintbrushes, it’s best to work with a point brush for details and round-tip brush, I prefer Mont Marte acrylic brushes. Use 100% pure black instant coffee. I regularly use Maxims Coffee in most of my paintings.
2. Prepare a Light Coffee Solution and a Dark Coffee Solution
3. Sketch On Paper
4. Paint With a Light Shade First
5. Then Paint Using a Dark Shade
6. Let Your Painting Dry for at least 24 Hours Before Framing

Smell the coffee from your painting and let it dry for at least a day before securing it with a glass frame. Make sure that the painting has a considerable distance from the glass to preserve it effectively. You can do this by adding some matting around your painting before framing.